The Truth About Skittles

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Fun facts about the pebble-sized colorful chewy candy.

Fact 1: Skittles were originally a British candy. Unfortunately, the word “skittles” sounds about the same with a British accent as it does in English. Oh well.

Fact 2: The Skittles candy advertising slogan is “taste the rainbow.” But its a lie. You can’t taste the rainbow. Not in Skittle form, at least. The original flavor bag of Skittles features red, purple, yellow, orange, and green skittles… but no blue. Apparently the Wrigley Jr. Company has lied to us. The nerve! Now, you can find blue Skittles in the tropical flavored pack, but not in the original.

Fact 3: Skittles is also the name of a game, a type of bowling that is played on the grass and is too complicated to explain here. It has been suggested that the name actually comes from the onomatopoeic word that describes the noise made when the parts of the game fall down.

Fact 4: The chewy rainbow candy can be fun for adults as well as kids, in the form of Skittles Vodka. I’m not kidding. There’s a recipe online. Drink the rainbow responsibly.

Fact 5: The LGTB community has stolen the slogan. No fair!

Fact 6: You can follow Skittles on twitter (@skittles). Follow the rainbow (minus  blue). Here’s @Skittles’ post from last October: “Halloween, the only day I can get away with dressing like myself.”


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