November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Facebook is the most narcissistic thing   because everyone can post everything about themselves and think we all care as much as they do. Below is my evidence. Real facebook posts. Read at your own risk.

“It’s weird how much I want someone to make me soup right now.”  …Too bad no one wants to make you any

“Barn Sale this week!!! Excited! You should be too!” … Sorry, but we don’t care.

“Sure was nice not having to go to my 9:30 am class today” …Sure was nice that you told us. (?)

“according to the facebook quiz, I’m only 20% asian” …According to the hours spent on facebook, you’re 100% asian.

“on a homemade cleaning spray kick” ..not right now. right now you’re on facebook.

“Just ate the most disgusting trail/party mix in the world.” … keep your trail mix to yourself.

and my personal favorite:

“On the top of Mount Everest after winning the Olympics. Now off to my Broadway audition and tea with the Prime Minister!”

If you’re doing something worth posting about, you probably are having too much fun and/or are too busy to be on Facebook. I have no problem with spring cleaning, craving soup, or rejoicing over canceled classes, but I do have a problem with people’s readiness to advertise every little detail to the world. Facebook is personal, but it is also public. Have some tact.



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