10 Library Courtesies

November 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

1. Plug your computer’s power cable into the lower port on the wall-outlet. That way, if someone else comes along, they can easily plug theirs in without having to reach under your plug.


2. Don’t use the school computers for checking your Facebook. Think about the students that need just 2 minutes on the computer to print their paper that is due in 5 minutes.


3. When printing something more than 15 pages, print in increments (e.g. 10 pages at a time). That way, you won’t have eight angry frustrated people in line behind you while your 82nd page jams the printer. If your 82 page paper is due in 3 minutes so you simply mustprint it all at once, well, too bad. If you couldn’t block out your 20 minutes for some other time, that’s your problem. Don’t ruin everyone else’s GPAs because of it.


4. Don’t leave your phone on vibrate on a desk. That sounds like a jackhammer when you’re studying for your midterms.


5. Try not to sleep in the chairs in the library. Some people actually want to study there – and having the chairs filled up with sleepers is both wasted space and creepy.


6. Don’t hold intimate conversations in the bathrooms. It’s kind of awkward for the people who are in there for the normal reasons.


7. Don’t eat those things in crinkly bags. It bugs us all.


8. Don’t stare at someone who sits down remotely close to you. You don’t own anything in the library besides your backpack, so if you want to control something pick that up.


9. If your computer sounds like a vacuum cleaner when it runs, please don’t sit in the “quiet” section of the library. No matter how quiet your intentions are, your peers will not agree.


10. Don’t make out in the library book aisles. I am looking for a book, not a PG-13 movie. Seriously, there’s gotta be a more romantic place than the place I’m studying…



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